Thank you Peter. Once again your skill and work has truly made my heart and face smile. Love this trailer!

  • Judy Lowe
    JS Pathways

Peter brings a collaborative, positive energy to a production team, along with a commitment to get high-quality work done on-time.  As a videographer and editor, he would be my first choice.

  • Vicki Murray-Kurzban
    Producer, InJoy Birth & Parenting Education

Peter Orlando is one of those rare production gems in Colorado who not only sets a very high production standard bar, but puts the integrity of the content and his relationships with his clients and crew before all else. No matter what aspect of a production he is undertaking, he takes it upon himself to be fluent in what his film is about and to find a the best way to tell that story. He always guides his crews with insightful ideas, a gentle but professional spirit, and excellent creative direction. We love working with Peter because he brings everything to the table: skills, personality, creativity, and expertise. He’s a complete package.

  • Jonathan Ramsey
    Executive Director, Ramsey Productions